Wool Care

How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Merino Protect Products?

Merino wool is highly regarded for its softness, breathability, and exceptional thermal regulation. To ensure your Merino wool products remain in the best condition over time, proper care is crucial.

How to Clean?

Hand Washing: Hand washing with cold water and by using a mild wool detergent is the safest method. Avoid detergents containing bleach or enzymes as they can damage the fibres.
Machine Washing: If opting for machine washing, use a wool detergent and set it to a cold-water wool/hand wash cycle. A laundry bag can minimize friction and prevent damage, or alternatively turn the garments inside out before washing.
Avoid Hot Water: High temperatures can cause wool to shrink and deform, so always use cold water.

How to dry?

Lay flat to dry: Lay wool garments flat on a clean towel to dry, avoiding direct exposure to sunlight or heat. Do not hang to dry, as the weight of the wet garment can cause stretching and deformation.

Avoid tumble dryers: High temperatures can shrink and damage wool fibres, so using a dryer is not recommended.

How to Store?

Fold for Storage: Fold Merino wool garments for storage, avoiding hanging, as prolonged hanging can cause garments to deform.

Use Moth Repellents: When storing wool garments, consider adding moth repellents (such as cedar balls or moth-repellent bags) to prevent moth damage.

Additional Considerations

It is recommended to clean your garments only according to the specific care instructions on the clothing label.


Avoid Pilling

Merino wool may pill due to friction. To avoid this, minimize frequent rubbing, and gently remove pills using a wool comb or pill razor.


Stain Removal

 If there are stains on the garment, treat them as soon as possible with cold water and a mild wool detergent. Avoid using hot water, as it can set the stain.


Repair Damage

 If your Merino wool garments develop small holes or wear, repair them promptly to prevent further damage.
By following the guide above, your Merino wool products will maintain their natural beauty and functionality, whether for everyday wear or outdoor activities. Proper care can significantly extend the life and comfort of your wool garments.