Fun and Romantic Camping Ideas for Couples

12 Fun and Romantic Camping Ideas for Couples

Camping with your partner is probably the most romantic way to spend quality time together.

Getting away from the crowded cities and polluted atmosphere, lying by the side of your companion under the full moon, and feeling their warmth, is what gives ordinary times a perfect romantic vibe. 

However, choosing the right romantic camping accessories and knowing the practical camping activities can make your stay at the tent memorable. 

To meet all your needs, we have compiled this list of Romantic Camping Ideas for Couples. Making your next honeymoon camp the most romantic will be easier if you keep these things in mind.

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Let’s check them out without further delay.

Choose a Peaceful Place:

You never want anyone or anything to come between you and your partner when in a romantic mood. So, choosing the right place is crucial when deciding to put on a camp.

Choose a Peaceful Place

Choose an area which is quiet and not crowded. And away from annoying noises. So, you and your partner can spend time in a way you like the most.

Camp on a Charming site:

Camp on a Charming site

The next important thing to consider after selecting a secluded place is to pick a spot full of beauty and charm. Because the quietness and loneliness won’t be enough, you can place your tent near a calm lake or in open woods or desert canyon. Or any other site that grabs your attention.

Turn Camp into a Romantic Room  

Turn Camp into a Romantic Room

You are not here just for camping, but for a bit of romance, so make your tent more like a romance room. To do that:

  1. Ensure the tent is comfortable and cozy.
  2. Choose four people or a glamping tent.
  3. Put on some cozy pillows and warm blankets.
  4. Decorate it with fairy lights or charging lights.
  5. Put some lights on the exterior as well. You can also use battery-operated candles to give the tent a perfect romantic light.

Bringing in some fresh flowers will make the camp smell like a paradise. Keep your partner’s favorite teddy bear alongside the bed.

Create a Walkway: 

 Few things make a person feel special than giving them a red-carpet welcome (red is the color of romance). 

Romantic Camping Ideas Create a Walkway

So, you can plan a beautiful walkway outside the camp and let your partner step inside it and make them feel gorgeous. Placing candle lights on both sides is the best option, or if you don’t have candle lights, you can also use fairy lights or charging lights. And don’t forget to sprinkle some flower petals on it to make it more like a petal aisle.

Cook a Multicourse Meal: 

Make your camping trip memorable by cooking delicious meals for your partner. Cooking over a campfire is surprisingly easy and quick, and you can easily prepare many romantic camping dishes.

Whether you prepare a magical soup, a loving spaghetti meal, or surprise your lover with pancakes for breakfast, there is something for everyone.

Even if you don’t know how to cook over a campfire, don’t worry. Make s’mores from marshmallows and roast them over the campfire for a classic treat.

Use a Hammock 

Hammocks are often convenient for relaxing at the campsite if you want to enjoy some lazy time.

Even if you do not intend to sleep in your hammock, a double hammock can provide you with a convenient location to relax. Your campsite is an excellent example of this.

A hammock bug net might also be helpful if camping in a particularly bug-infested area. Using a hammock, you’ll enjoy each other’s company in a romantic and bug-free environment.

A Picnic at the Sunset

There’s something magical about sunsets, but they’re even better when accompanied by a picnic. Choose a nice spot on a hill that lets you see the horizon and bring out some delicious food to enjoy together.

Romantic couple Camping Ideas A Picnic at the Sunset

 Create a small hideaway by the stream or in another part of the yard if you need more privacy.

You can make your camping trip more romantic by setting up a dessert table with a couple of chairs. It’s a great setup because you can take it on road trips and set it up in your backyard or park.


 Campfires are the perfect and most romantic setting for enjoying your partner’s company. Camping has the advantage of letting you participate in all your favorite activities. You can do so many other things; you don’t have to limit yourself to the usual pastimes like fishing and hiking. 

romantic camping idea campfire

Choose a beautiful location that will be well-lit by the fire. Then, set out your fragrant candles and flower petals. Attempt making some s’mores or roasting hotdogs over the fire.

The windiest conditions are the best. To enjoy the flames dancing in the wind,                   

Camping Games for Couples

You can turn your quiet time after dinner into fun by sitting around the campfire and playing fun games. You can play games you usually enjoy with your friends, such as charades or word games. Creating your own games to make the experience more personalized is also possible.

To initiate these, take turns singing songs or try to guess whose music is being sung on the radio. Finding a game that works for everyone at your campsite should be easy since there are so many ways to play these games.

Here are some of the most popular camping games you can play on your trip: Canoeing and Sizzling Sixes, Beats Me, Jacks Into Scouts, Simon Says, etc.,

Walk in the Moonlight

couple camping Walk in the Moonlight.

If camping on full moon nights, take a walk under the moonlight. You will love the moments when you walk by holding hands. As well as bringing you closer than ever, it will strengthen your relationship. 


Another excellent way to spend your lovely night time together is to go stargazing. It is also very popular with camping couples.

Lie next to your partner and take in the beauty of the sky. It is also an exciting learning experience for both adults and children!

Bring a telescope or binoculars if you wish to get up close to the action. Consider bringing along a star guide to learn more about the constellations.

Sleep Together

What could be more romantic than sleeping together in a double-size sleeping bag? Being separated from your partner in a sleeping bag isn’t exactly romantic.

 Make sure you get a double-sized sleeping bag for your next camping date to have a great time together. Couples on a honeymoon will love it.

You can enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep outdoors with your partner if you have the proper double sleeping bag.

A double-size air mattress or cot is also recommended when using a two-person sleeping bag. It’s because, in the middle of the night, you’ll likely find gaps of padding underneath your sleeping bag if you use two different sleeping pads under it. 

Therefore, choosing a double-sized air mattress or cot that keeps you cosy at night is a good idea.

If you want to make it more comfortable, place a comforter under it and on top of it. 

Final thoughts 

With some planning and preparation, you can create an entirely satisfying camping experience. When you want to reconnect with your other half or celebrate your anniversary, a couple of camping trips is ideal. Consider going on a romantic tent camping trip if you’re looking for a different type of vacation.


What can couples do while camping?

While camping, couples can enjoy a lot of things together. They can engage in playing camping games, cooking a delicious multicourse meal together, sitting around a campfire with music, and reading a romantic novel while sleeping under the stars.

How do you make a romantic camping trip?

By choosing a romantic campsite, your next camping trip can be romantic. Consider a site on the ocean, lake, mountains, or desert canyon. Use a lot of fairy lights or rechargeable lights to decorate the tent. Alternatively, you can place flowers and candles by the side of the double-sleeping mattress. While on a romantic camping trip, hiking is another beautiful activity.

What are fun things to bring camping?

When you go camping, you can bring a lot of fresh, engaging, and–most importantly–fun things with you. Like Burrito Wrap Blanket, Light Up Bocce Ball, Inflatable Air Lounger, Tailgating Table, LED Light Rope and Scavenger Hunt Card Game.

How do people celebrate their camping anniversary?

Campers usually return to the exact location where they camped a year earlier to celebrate their camping anniversary. This brings back old memories and all the happiness associated with those. They can also celebrate by preparing a lavish meal and baking a cake. A cozy tent interior decorated with pillows is another way to celebrate.

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