How to Wash Clothes While Camping A Comprehensive Guide

How to Wash Clothes While Camping: Camp Cleaning

Camping is a great way to spend time with friends and family. However, when camping, you might face a small problem. You’ll need to wash your clothes while camping but don’t know if they can be washed by hand or if you will damage them in a washing machine.

In this article, we will tell you the best ways to wash clothes while camping and give you some tips on how to clean your clothes properly that how to wash clothes while camping.

Merino wool base layer are a great low-maintenance option for camping, allowing you to wear them for multiple days without accumulating significant odor.

Let’s start talking about how to washing clothes camping.

Why is washing clothes while camping important?

When camping, it is important to wash your clothes regularly to avoid bacteria and other contaminants from building up. Merino wool shirt is best for hiking and you don’t need to wash it very often because of its resistant to odor . Washing your clothes while camping also helps to remove any unpleasant smells that may build up from sweat and dirt.

You will likely develop skin infections if you do not wash your clothes while camping. Washing your clothes while camping is also important for personal hygiene.

If you don’t have access to a washing machine while camping, there are a few things you can do to wash your clothes by hand.

Camping is a great way to enjoy nature and get outside. But it can also be a little bit of a pain sometimes when washing clothes. Don’t worry about that. We’re here to help.

First, if you’re planning on washing your clothes while camping, you must ensure they are 100% water-resistant.

Second, ensure that whatever you use for washing clothes while camping is safe for the environment. Some people like using their natural products, such as soap flakes or bar soap powder, but these can often contain chemicals that harm the environment and wildlife around them.

Third Don’t use fabric softener because it can damage the fabric over time and cause holes in your clothing when it gets too old.

What are the best methods for washing clothes while camping?

Nothing is more exciting than camping with friends and having a good time. Running, jumping, and having fun out in nature are probably the biggest part of camping fun.

There is no doubt that all of this will get all of your clothing dirty, especially if you have brought kids along with you. You should wash them all thoroughly as soon as possible. Washing clothes is quick and easy if you follow these steps.

Using a pop-up bucket for washing.

It is a simple and affordable method & easy to use. You can wash your dirty clothes in a pop-up bucket by placing them in warm water, adding a little detergent, and scrubbing them with your hands.

Using a pop-up bucket for washing.

Although it is a bit more time-consuming than other methods, you can achieve the same result if you rub the fabric of your clothing together to generate some friction and allow the garment to dry quickly.

Using a pop-up bucket is another great benefit to this method. A bit of water is usually placed at the bottom of these outside the tent door as a precaution. It’s a convenient way to remove unwanted sand or dirt.

Using a Trash Bag

Washing dirty clothes in trash bags may seem odd at first. Sometimes, having some trash bags along could be your best friend, especially if you’re out of options. You’ll surely be amazed if you give it a try. Water and detergent are required as usual.

Your trash bag should contain all the unclean clothes. Put some water and detergent in your trash bag and fill it up partially. Using your hands to simulate a washing machine’s spin cycle, close the trash bag’s mouth and start jostling it around.

It would help if you gave the clothes a good rinse once you feel that you have washed them thoroughly enough. The last step is to let them dry by hanging them.

Using a Scrubba Bag.

A wide variety of Scrubba washbags are now available on the market. This equipment is a must-have if you’re unfamiliar with it. Scrubba is a wash machine bag that is easy to use, portable, and convenient in the laundry.

Using a Scrubba Bag.

It is undoubtedly a must-have for serious campers and backpackers because it folds, takes up little space, and uses little water.

It would be a great addition to your camping laundry or traveling gear, as it is the perfect tool for washing clothes while on the road. One of this product’s downsides is that it is very expensive. It doesn’t count as a one-time thing for people who only go camping once in a while.

The Scrubba bag should be filled up about 20%-40% with dirty clothes, water, and detergent. The bag should be closed and folded half, and all the air should be let out. 

You can scrub your clothes with your hands until they are clean. Once the clothes have been rinsed, take them out and dry them.


There are many ways how to wash clothes while camping in; you can wash your clothes in different ways, and enjoy your camping trip.

You could use a portable washing machine, Trash Bag, Scrubba Bag, or hand wash. However, with a little research and work, you can find the best way to wash clothes while camping.


How do you wash clothes when camping?

If you have access to a water source, you can wash your clothes in a bucket or sink. If you don’t have access to a water source, you can try washing your clothes in a stream or lake.

There are a few different ways you can go about it; the best method for you will depend on your situation.

How do you wash your clothes in the wilderness?

If you don’t have access to running water, you can still wash your clothes by hand using a small amount of water and soap.

Wet your clothes, add a small amount of soap, and rub the fabric together. Then, rinse the soap by wringing your clothes in the water.

How do you wash your clothes when Travelling?

There are many ways to wash your clothes while traveling. You can wash them in the sink, in a bucket, or even in the shower. If you’re camping, use a Trash Bag, Scrubba, & portable washing machine.