Discover Your Alternate Lifestyle at MerinoProtect

Our Story Begins in 2008

At MerinoProtect, our journey began in 2008 as a small business fueled by a passion for Australian Merino wool and a vision for the future. We embarked on a mission to transform this natural, sustainable resource into fashionable apparel suitable not only for sports and outdoor activities but for everyday wear as well. This venture was more than a business endeavor; it was an exploration of the perfect fusion of beauty, comfort, and practicality.

The Start of Transformation

Over time, we evolved from a manufacturer focused on producing 100% Australian Merino wool and its blends to a versatile enterprise flourishing due to our dedication to innovation and quality. Realizing our growing desire to address our consumers' needs directly and to introduce the wonders of Merino wool to a broader audience, the MerinoProtect brand took shape. We have transitioned from a traditional manufacturer to a brand with a profound sense of social responsibility, aiming not only to protect the natural environment but also to offer our consumers trustworthy, high-quality products.

Core Value System

Our Name, MerinoProtect, signifies our pledge: whether you are venturing into unexplored corners of the world or savoring every moment of urban life, we are here to protect you. Our apparel is designed with the challenges of travel in mind, offering wearers the convenience of lightweight, comfortable, odor-resistant, and easy-care garments to lighten their journey's load.

Becoming a Responsible Brand

In response to the growing attention to supply chain transparency and eco-friendly production, MerinoProtect not only meets these calls but exceeds expectations. Through collaborations with Greenpeace and other certification bodies, we ensure our products are not just human-friendly but environmentally friendly as well. Every product we offer is a commitment to our world and everyone in it.

Looking to the Future

The journey of MerinoProtect is filled with innovation and exploration. Our vision extends beyond being a clothing brand; we aim to explore the possibilities of Merino wool, bringing this purely natural fiber into more lives and letting more people experience its allure. This journey is far from over. Join us in exploring the world of MerinoProtect, where you will discover not just a piece of clothing, but a transformation in lifestyle.

Our Credentials

MerinoProtect is a certified Woolmark holder for 100% wool and wool-blend apparel, manufacturing garments to the strict Woolmark quality standards, whether in terms of wear and washing performance. We are certified by WRAP and ISO 9001 and recognized as an accredited manufacturer by the Responsible Wool Standard (Textile Exchange) and the SustainaWool Integrity Scheme (AWEX).