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Nature's Embrace, Quality's Choice — Merino Protect

Established in 2018, Merino Protect is committed to bringing you high-value Merino wool clothing. We believe that everyone deserves high-quality, comfortable, and affordable fashion choices.

At Merino Protect, we specialize in top-tier Merino wool T-shirts and base layers, making every touch an intimate encounter with nature.

Why Choose Merino Protect?

Quality and Value: Our Merino wool clothing is not only of superior quality but also competitively priced. We believe that premium Merino wool products should not be a luxury but a part of everyone’s daily life.

Certified Assurance: Merino Protect is not only Woolmark certified but also honored with WRAP and ISO 9001 certifications. As a certified manufacturer for the Responsible Wool Standard (Textile Exchange) and the SustainaWool Integrity Program (AWEX), we ensure that every product meets the strictest quality and environmental standards.

Our Mission

Eco-Friendly: Our Merino wool T-shirts and base layers are not just naturally comfortable but also biodegradable and renewable. Choosing Merino Protect means opting for a responsible way of consumption.

Our Commitment: Merino Protect steadfastly adheres to sustainable and eco-friendly production practices. Each of our products is a tribute to the environment, a promise for the future. What we pursue is not just a fashion statement but an enhancement of life quality.

Discover the World of Merino Protect: Join us and experience the unparalleled comfort and style of T-shirts and base layers made from 100% pure Merino wool. With Merino Protect, what we offer is more than just clothing; it’s an attitude and choice for life.


Merino Wool Benefits

All the yarns and materials used by Merino Protect in the production of their products contain 100% Australian Merino Wool, either in 100% form or in blends with other fibers.

Merino wool has many inherent attributes which offer benefits to the wearer.

Merino Wool is Natural, Biodegradable, and Renewable


There is no argument that wool is completely natural and is not man-made. Wool grows on the sheep naturally as a form of protection against the elements of nature such as sun, rain, snow, wind, hail, etc.


When wool is disposed of and is buried in the ground, in comparison to most other fibers, it quickly breaks down or biodegrades. Wool is rich in Nitrogen, containing about 16% of this element by weight, a beneficial nutrient that is released into the earth as the wool decomposes.


Wool is a renewable resource. To produce wool sheep, need just grass and water to grow wool. Most sheep are shorn once per year, and after shearing the wool grows naturally back, then its shorn again the following year, and so on.

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