How to Wash Merino Wool Socks for Minimal Shrinkage

How to Wash Merino Wool Socks for Minimal Shrinkage? The Right Way

As you may know, merino wool is a very soft and comfortable material with lots of natural fibers inside.

However, some people are unaware that it can shrink if washed if not treated properly. Making sure that all your wool socks are getting cleaned and sanitized is essential.

It is important to use specific washing instructions for merino wool socks, so they don’t shrink or get damaged. In this article, we will discuss what you need to do to wash your merino wool socks.

Let’s start talking about that How to Wash Merino Wool Socks.

Why You Should Wash Merino Wool Socks Differently

If you’re the type of person who’s a little forgetful about how to care for merino wool and specially how to care for wool socks, you are not alone.

Why You Should Wash Merino Wool Socks Differently

We’ve all been there: You have just pulled on your favorite pair of wool socks, maybe even your merino shoes, and realized they’re a little too snug, and you don’t know what to do with them.

It doesn’t have to be this way! There are plenty of ways to wash your merino wool socks without risking shrinkage or damage. And if you follow these steps, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying those cozy all year long.

Listed below are the reasons why.

1. To prevent shrinkage, wash your merino wool socks with mild soap and cold water.

2. To benefit from merino wool’s natural anti-fungal properties, you mustn’t use too much detergent when washing your merino wool. You can test this by washing one sock at a time and seeing how it shrinks in the dryer. If it shrinks more than its original size, you need to use less detergent next time.

3. If your merino wool socks are made from 100% merino wool, then they will naturally be naturally anti-fungal—that is why we recommend using mild soap when washing them.

When Should You Wash Your Socks?

Merino wool is a natural fiber made from sheep’s wool, which means that it’s delicate and has some special properties that need to be taken care of properly if you want it to last as long as possible.

When Should You Wash Your Socks

If you want to wash your socks, then the first thing that you should ask yourself is whether they need to be washed. To us, the answer was obvious. It would help to wash your socks after each use since your feet are gross and prone to stinking.

Considering the fact that you might be wondering: “When should I wash my merino wool socks? Simply when necessary, but not too often. Washing your merino wool socks can help keep them nice and clean, but it also shrinks the fibers.

So while washing them every week is recommended, you shouldn’t do it every day. The best time to wash your merino wool socks is once a week or so—or if they get dirty or smelly and need cleaning up quickly.

Merino Wool: Naturally Odor-Resistant

Compared to other socks and clothing made of cotton or synthetic materials, Merino Wool hiking socks have been specifically designed to be naturally odor resistant, which makes them distinct from your typical cotton or synthetic socks.

Merino Wool Naturally Odor-Resistant

Because wool fibers have unique properties, they can prevent sweat from gathering on the skin and at the same time keep odors at bay.

Put another way, Merino Wool clothes keep their freshness much longer, even after vigorous workouts, even if you wear them for a long time. That’s why we recommend using Merino wool socks for out door activities like hiking, running, etc.

It is unnecessary to wash them every time you wear them, so you don’t need to wash them every day.

How to Wash Merino Wool Socks:

Washing your merino wool socks is pretty simple. You can machine-wash them, but we recommend hand washing for the best results.

How to Wash Merino Wool Socks 1

There is also a list of do’s and don’ts to remember when it comes to sock care that you can hang in your laundry room on the wall.

  • Make sure your socks are inside out.
  • Using the gentle cycle, wash in warm or cold water.
  • Use a pH-neutral detergent.
  • It is best to tumble dry on low or to air dry.

Make sure your Merino socks are inside out

Washing merino wool socks can be tricky, especially if you’re new to them. For best results, follow these tips.

When tossing socks into the laundry, it is always a good idea to turn them inside out. Make sure your socks are inside out before washing them. This will help to prevent shrinkage.

The method ensures too that the socks are thoroughly cleaned since the bulk of the bacteria that cause odors and other problems are found within the socks themselves. 

This will help ensure that the fibers are not being stressed. It is also recommended to turn them inside out so there will be no lint on them. Make sure that your socks are separated based on their color and style.

Using the gentle cycle, wash in warm or cold water

We recommend you never use hot water when washing your clothes, as the heat can weaken the garment’s fibers and cause the colors to fade.

Using the gentle cycle, wash in warm or cold water

It is important to use a gentle wash cycle and cold or warm water when washing your clothes and to ensure they are cleaned well.

Your machine may have a knitting or wool cycle that you can use if it has that setting, so if it does, you should be able to use it.

By placing your socks in a watertight bag filled with water, you can soak them for around ten minutes in cold water by soaking them in a watertight bag.

Use a pH-neutral detergent

If you’re looking to maintain your merino wool socks’ elasticity and softness for a long time, the first step is easy: wash them in a pH-neutral detergent.

This will help keep your socks from shrinking with use, which means they’ll stay comfortable longer. Never use bleach or fabric softener on these socks. as this can damage them.

Here are tips to keep in mind

  • Ensure the bag is shaken gently after adding a small amount of soap.
  • Shake the bag again after 15 minutes, and then wait 15 more minutes.
  • Shake the bag again with fresh water to rinse out the soap.
  • If necessary, repeat the process until all soap has been removed from the socks.

It is best to tumble dry on low or to air dry

It is best to tumble dry on low or to air dry. This will help keep your merino wool socks from shrinking. This will help them retain their shape, making it easier to remove stains and odors without sacrificing their softness.

To maintain the freshness of your Merino socks, it’s essential to thoroughly dry them after each use. Proper drying helps prevent the development of unwanted smells in merino wool socks, ensuring that your feet stay comfortable and odor-free throughout the day.

Does Merino Wool Shrink When Washed?

Merino Wool shrinks when it’s washed, but how much it shrinks depends on the type of wool.  If you’re a Merino wool lover, you’ve probably heard ” shrinkage. ” And if you haven’t, you might wonder what it means. 

Shrinkage is the loss of size and shape when merino wool hiking socks are washed. It can happen to socks in just a few washes, but it’s also possible to prevent shrinkage.

Does Merino Wool Shrink When Washed

There are several ways that you can reduce or prevent merino wool shrinkage when washing your socks.

The first thing to do is to ensure you wash your socks in cold water. This will help protect the wool fibers and keep them from shrinking.

Another way to reduce shrinkage is by using a detergent designed for wool. You should use a gentle detergent with no sulfates or bleach, as this could damage the fibers of your socks.

The first thing you may notice after washing your socks is that, just like a new pair of jeans, your socks will feel a bit tighter after being freshly washed, but they will loosen up again as you wear them, just as they did before you washed them.


The best way to wash your merino protect wool socks is to ensure all filth is removed from the inside and outside of the sock. You can do a few different things to clean them: soak them in a warm water solution with some soap.

Boil them in hot water, or use those home washer cleaning to clean the dirt out of your merino protect wool socks. Once you know the steps, washing your wool socks should not be a problem.


How often should you wash merino wool socks?

Your comfort level with re-wearing clothing depends on how long you wear them peruse, the activity, the climate, and how often you wear them. We’ve found that washing them after 2-3 full days of wear is a good balance.

Is it possible to wash wool socks in the washing machine?

Yes, you can wash wool socks in your washing machine. Wool is a natural fiber, so it doesn’t need to be dried to maintain its shape and softness. However, if you’re concerned about shrinking or other damage to your socks, we recommend hand washing them instead.

Why do you wash wool socks inside out?

In the wash process, merino wool fibers can rub against other garments, pilling. Socks can be protected from agitation or friction by turning them inside out during washing.


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